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Everything began in the early 70's, when grandfather Hermann Senoner established a woodcarving and souvenir shop here. The shop was ran by his daughter for many years.
But, in the winter of 1998 Alex Mussner began to think about the future for his two sons Andreas and Max, who were not so interested in carrying on the family business selling wooden dolls and local souvenirs. Alex and his sons wanted to do something different, something new in Selva Val Gardena... an IRISH PUB!
So after spending a few days in Dublin, visiting about 50 (!) pubs, we knew just what we wanted our pub to be like. To make it more authentic, we even ordered chairs, tables, lamps and some memorabilia straight from Ireland! As every pub we had to choose a theme for it. Following the local traditions it might have been something about skiing, or about the mountains, the snow, becoming the same kind of bar like all the others in town.. But we finally found the solution just looking at ourselves, being 3 goalies in our family. And so we called it THE GOALIES' PUB (goalie is short for goaltender and in our case ice hockey goaltender), and after months of hard work and organisation, on the 12th August 1999 it finally opened it's doors.
In the beginning, it wasn't quite as easy as it seemed to attract people into an irish pub, since they were used to Apres Ski and Tyrolean bars. But, soon they came, and we have never looked back!


Another big chapter in the story of THE GOALIES' PUB was in august 2005: due to the national anti-smoking law, we had to almost split the pub in two, building a smoking area right at the bar. So now you can sit inside of the pub and smoke a cigarette or cigar with your favourite beer or drink!
Originally, we used to open at 4 p.m. and close at 2 a.m., but since the summer of 2007 we began opening at 9 a.m. for all those who like to have a cigarette with their espresso in the morning, or to have one of our sandwiches or snacks for lunch.