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Alex Mussner portrait

Alex Mussner

started playing hockey in Selva, on the neighborhood's backyard ice-rink, at the age of 12. After being admitted in HC Gardena's team, he won two national championships with the junior teams in the season 1972/73. In 1974/75, at the age of 17, he was the backup goalie in HC Gardena's senior team. Then he was sent to the 2nd league farm-team HC Selva, where he played until the end of the 1983/84 season, winning another championship in 1979/80. After his retirement due to the birth of his son Andreas he didn't play for 12 years, but gave his comeback in the season 1996/97, with HC Selva and winning another championship at the age of 40. He finally retired in 1998.

Andreas Mussner portrait

Andreas Mussner

born 1983, started playing hockey at the early age of 5, going through all the youth and junior teams of HC Selva, with two seasons spent with HC Gardena and HC Bolzano juniors. After beeing a backup goalie for HC Selva senior team in the 2nd italian league, at the age of 19 he went to league-rival SV Kaltern for the starting job. After that he was the backup goalie for 1st league team HC Fassa, placed 3rd at the end of the season. The year after he played in the 2nd league again, with WSV Sterzing and HC Valpellice. He decided to retire in 2005. Since 2012 he's active as a goaltending coach for different teams in the 1st and 2nd league.

Max Mussner portrait

Max Mussner

born 1991, started playing hockey at the early age of 6 with HC Selva and HC Gardena. At the age of 14, he changed team for scholastic reasons and played with the juniors of HC Eppan and HC Meran. But in 2007 he got a call from DNL-Team ESV Kaufbeuren playing about half the season there and ending up with junior team AEV Augsburg Panthers. The year after he returned to the juniors of HC Eppan, with 1 appereance in theyr senior team. He retired in 2010.