~~~ open daily from 9 AM till 2 AM ~~~ IRISH NIGHT every thursday 21.00h ~~~ ROCK 'N' ROLL Aprés Ski every day from 16,00h to 19,00h ~~~ open daily from 9 AM till 2 AM ~~~

Goalies' TUNES

"it's only Rock'N'Roll but I like it.."

..that's what the Rolling Stones would say, but in fact the music we play differs from the stuff you'll get to hear in all the other Apres Ski Bars in Selva, because we only have Rock'N'Roll from the 1950's till now!
We start in the afternoon for the Apres Ski with the best oldies and rock classics, movin' on with newer and a little tougher rock tracks mixed up with the best from blues, country and of course irish traditional and modern folk songs!
And if you're lucky enough, on some nights Alex will also play a coupple songs for you with one of his saxophones!

Goalies' Tunes